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2020 Cloud, Is It Time To Get Over Your Fears?

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Main

I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

As the 2010 decade comes to an end, many of us enter 2020 with both excitement and trepidation. OK, so you’re not an early cloud adopter and you ignored the hype about the cloud. You may have noticed a radical change in global cloud acceptance in 2016. Amazon had absolutely killed it, and Microsoft Azure woke up and began to be a serious player. Google is well there, and seams to have dedicated themselves in the next 2020 decade, citing they aim to be #2 in the cloud space. Perhaps like Google it’s time to get serious about the cloud in 2020?


You already know you can’t ignore the cloud forever. Are you still struggling to figure out how to approach and experience it in 2020 and beyond? If only there was a project you could try, something that has the potential to create value for the business, your customers, and staff, all while saving you money? Such projects do exist. One of the best high value, lower risk, low cost, projects to implement is an Open Source Document Management System from either OwnCloud or a recent more popular spin off branch called NextCloud. There are many others too, but these will give you the fairest chance at success, and that’s what this project is all about.


OwnCloud & NextCloud platforms have a Web, Desktop, iOS and Android platforms all at no cost per user licenses, thus saving you 100’s to 10’s of thousands per month, depending on your company size. These systems can leverage the local storage system on the server, or scale out to storage on the network, and popular cloud object/file storage/containers. What this means is you are only paying for cloud compute and storage fees which is about ½ the cost of ownership over traditional licensed systems. These costs can be curtailed further too, if you find high adoption of the system, and one reserves these compute and storage services minimally for one or more years. Systems can also be implemented to be highly available and load balanced across the entire globe if needed. This is part of the on-demand raw power the cloud offers, instant scalability and ready when you are.


Decision Forward can help your company in 3 productive ways

  1. If your tech teams are highly skilled in cloud technologies and have availability to execute. Simply point them to this article and ask them to implement either one of these solutions.
  2. If your tech teams are highly skilled yet new to cloud technologies, and have availability, hire us as an advisor to lay out the project steps, and to guide the project to fruition successfully.
  3. Just do it for us! Hire us to implement either of these solutions for you, and/or train your staff as they observe us implement this project on your behalf.


OwnCloud & NextCloud platforms have considerable advantages over their paid and free competitors. If you have and use Office 365 and use OneDrive and or SharePoint document libraries now. Your company will get greater administrative control, and system extensibility. This is especially important for regulatory compliance. Both platforms offer options to upgrade to a paid support plan if your uncertain about rolling out open source into production.


To begin and test the waters, you don’t have to put everything you own in the system to start. There is also very little to no upfront costs to begin. Most people find Cloud success with this kind of project because it’s a true try, experience small wins, repeat steps. Eventually it will be your sole and go to system with insanely high user adoption rates. If your users are still using a VPN to connect to the office to get documents like it’s still the 2000’s, then your company will experience tremendous value in a project like this.

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