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China Tariff Avoidance

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Main

I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

Amazon & eBay Sellers are in a nasty pinch

If you sell goods on Amazon or even eBay  – then you already know that 72% of you have already seen your unit cost increase by about 17%, due to the Trump-Trade-War. 

Decision Forward is about helping you solve pain. We are managers of information and offer vCIO services to our clients. For those of you who may be scrambling to find alternative sources to buy from here is a list of 31 websites. 23 are Non-Chinese to help you possibly avoid Tariffs, 8 are Chinese in the event you don’t mind, but may be looking for alternatives.

 Here is the list:

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