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Disaster Recovery Plan

by | Nov 9, 2019 | DR

I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

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Face it, disasters really suck! Worse, is facing a disaster scenario, without a master plan! Disaster recovery is more than, backups, antivirus, and intrusion detection software to name a few. This is one of many tools to help you IDENTIFY, PLAN FOR, TRACK, and COMMUNICATE about any potential disaster.

I created this NO cost, HIGH value tool especially for you! See? I want help you during in your buyers journey of employing Disaster Recovery Readiness for your company. 

I developed this tool to be a SOLID launching point for you to consider all of the possibilities in your initial discovery. All without out the pressure of a current disaster or sales person trying to sell you more things your not even sure will help, as your not yet ready!


…After you have discovered whats important for your company. Build your internal and external DR team inside of this tool, which is tailored for various disaster scenarios.

Next flesh out an action plan, which will be initially on standby and READY in the event of such a disaster. (I sincerely, and truly hope, you never need it!)

“IF”, you DO need to implement your action plan; you now have an AGILE tool to track and communicate to others in your company, where things are at.

Because I created this plan for you, outside of your company, it’s already in a perfect place to access during a disaster scenario.

Accessing this plan is super easy!! It is always available on the web as a web app. PLUS, there are also mobile application version for iOS and Android too, making is super convenient in your time of need!

I hope you find MASSIVE VALUE in this NO cost, HIGH value tool today!

I want to be your companies resource, and a key contact to help make Disaster Recovery Planning and readiness happen for your company when your ready.

Here is what you get

Value Received for Absolutely No Cost

 –  Ability to perform a Risk Discovery.

 –  Ability to assemble a DR Team, then track and communicate/collaborate.

 –  Ability to list out and track various Office or IT infrastructure pieces.

 –  IT Testing & Readiness Tracking.

 –  Track Readiness Training.

 –  Change Management Log.

 –  Action Item Plan for use when mitigating disasters.

 –  Internal Communications Plan Tracking.

 –  External Communications Plan Tracking.

 –  Ability to add notes to each record.

 –  Ability to add attachments to each record.

 –  Collaborate with team members.

 –  Ability to post public view only and filtered data (approved data) to communicate either with staff or as part of external communications regarding the status of an active mitigation.

 –  Web, native Phone and Tablet software.

 –  Cloud hosted.

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As an InfraGuard member of the Atlanta Alliance, we  can serve you better in the even of a regional disaster. As public information becomes available, we’ll be sure to share it with you. 


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