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What is Disaster Readiness In Business?

The Benjamin Franklin axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was during Franklin’s time.  Although many use the quote when referring to health, Franklin was addressing fire safety.

Fires are one form of disasters, as are cyber threats, floods, social unrest, and disgruntled employees. We measure Disaster Readiness in business through two KEY aspects.

Prevention – prevention is proactive and involves increasing security, simple planning, documentation and awareness training. Follow this with a solid communications plan and you will find yourself in a great place. This puts you in the minority. You are not invulnerable, but less susceptible with better chances of recovery.

Recovery – Again you’re not invulnerable. Recovery means it’s time to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Here is where all the hard work in the Prevention stage really pays off! Without it this is a very painful time, and for the ill prepared, devastation is almost a certainty!



Planning / Testing


Insurance / Cash Reserves



Executing the Plan


Restore IT Systems ASAP

Decision Forward Cloud Backup-guide

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan

Get Your Disaster Recovery Plan Here! Face it, disasters really suck! Worse, is facing a disaster scenario, without a master plan! Disaster recovery is more than, backups, antivirus, and intrusion detection software to name a few. This is one of many tools to help you...

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