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Executive Visibility with Airtable

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Main

I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

In this post we are not talking about your visibility. We are talking about the visibility into your company. Visibility into things like project, departmental  updates, finance and sales. All of these are of major importance.

To clarify Airtable is not a reporting vehicle – albeit you can use it that way to some degree. So why this article about Airtable? The goal is visibility. The challenge typically is data isolation. The cause is user system uptake, or skill, and unfortunately where the information lies isolated. This article is about how Airtable can solve some of these challenges and accomplish a few goals.

Think about this: You ask for greater visibility into something that is causing your company pain, or because you need to make better informed data driven decisions. What do you think happens? Ultimately someone is tasked with tracking this information.

IT may get involved ONLY when that individual is struggling to capture whats needed. Worse yet, IT is asked to automate or do the work the individual was tasked to do, with little to no real context about, why. This leaves much to be desired for.

The default behavior for users, is to track information in a spreadsheet application. The default behavior of IT is to make a database and write some hard to understand interface to interact with the data, creating a dependency on IT which just slows down your users work most of the time. This is due to complexity and IT making a major project out of it.

Airtable is still, a simple spreadsheet in appearance to any user, and why user uptake is so high! For IT, it works like a relational database that comes with a end user friendly interface. For programmers its an agile and cloud base data storage container.¬†IT Security and compliance love it, because it’s both secure, and compliant. Your marketing and web-teams see it as a forms application, to collect public data, and analyze information. Customer service managers love the fact they can run surveys, and track all kinds of information.¬†

Baked into the application, feature rich collaboration, and with notifications for both you and your staff.¬† Every spreadsheet a user makes… is essentially its own database. This is more important than you may know! Your IT department could make a single pane of glass dashboard for you, thus giving you pretty much everything you want.

Why does all of this matter to you the Executive? There are few single applications that can be many things, to many people, in many departments, all with the ease of use reminiscent to a spreadsheet. Translation : “High User Uptake”. And… because all the data is cloud based, secure, and highly accessible, the data you need is no longer isolated.

Changing human behavior, and driving your company’s culture standard is hard! Why not adopt applications that meets users where they are today, and solve your visibility problems at the same time?

I would love to continue this conversation and answer your company’s questions about Airtable and other technology that can perhaps solve your pain, problems / challenges!

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