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Decision Forward 2.0

by | Oct 6, 2019 | Main

I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

Decision Forward launched in October of 2018. At the time of this post, one year has already passed. Lots of lessons were learned this year. Controlled growth is as important as growth. Having everyone on the same page, then remaining that way, is also important. For the remainder of year and into 2020+, I am laser focused on what services Decision Forward is offering. I will also be spearheading all projects and will personally serve as your Senior Business Analyst Consultant.



I’ve been building websites for folks since 1994. I used HOTDOG PRO, to create websites back then. Today, I’m using the #1st place Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. For years, I swore by Joomla, WordPress’s 2nd competitor. WordPress makes up 61.4% of the CMS market whereas Joomla is only 5.7%

Source: https://w3techs.com/technologies/history_overview/content_management

Microsoft Azure & Office 365

I’ve been using Microsoft office since “Office 97”, and Windows since the 1st release of Windows NT which replaced “Novell Netware” in the mid 1990’s. I have seen these products evolve into what they are today in the Cloud. With several corporate small- and large-scale deployments under my belt. I’m looking forward in helping many more companies succeed on the platform.


Let’s Work Together

I am so excited to have a conversation with you because new projects mean new possibilities. Most important is, I get yet another an opportunity to make folks smile! I love what I do and only do what I love!

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