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I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

Why Simple is NEVER Simple in LIFE!

Many solutions cite “Easy as 1,2,3!”. Then reality hits, and one finds steps, closer to 1-20. You may be surprised to learn, it can be as easy as 1,2,3! The secret is in how one approaches simplicity.

Most fail at simplicity because they just try to execute the steps of 1,2,3 at face value. Makes sense, right? Truly, if it’s as easy as that, it should ALWAYS work. Not! What few know is this; how one approaches simplicity is ultimately the key. First let’s define some easy and logical steps of 1-3:

Step 1 – Who

Step 2 – How

Step 3 – What

Some reading this may also think in terms like:

Step 1 – Inputs

Step 2 – Tools

Step 3 – Outputs

Think of, either of the above, in these simple business terms:

1) Who/Inputs: Specifies those with accountability.

2) How/Tools: Specifies how it gets done or the process.

3) What/Outputs: Specifies the desired outcome or objective goal.

    Now this is where you need to twist your brain a bit, and change how you approach 1,2,3. Consider the approach of 1,2,3, scrambled; like this, 3 then, 1 then, finally 2, (3,1,2). Let me explain further:

    1)  Start with #3 (What/Outputs). Have you ever been told, “Start with the end in mind.”? One needs to have a clear understanding of what they want to accomplish, what problem they are solving for!

    2) Next figure out #1(Who/Inputs). You need to prepare, plan, and know what resources you need to achieve the goal you just carefully considered.

    3) Finally, after all of that, you’re ready to take on #2(How/Tools). Known as the execution. You know the goal; you know the team or resources. Now define the how with clarity. In some cases, it may just write itself. This is inevitably how steps often balloon past 3 easy steps, scope creep is introduced, or one potentially bracing for chaos (AKA: $hit is going to hit the fan!).

    The final golden rule is this; you want to always have 1 goal, establish 1 or more resources, and define or use, 1 or more tools to achieve that SINGLE goal! If you have many goals, just prioritize each goal, then start with the biggest goal, and work through the above 1,2,3 steps. Move on to the next most important goal till complete.

    Once you and your teams get comfortable, it may be possible to work on several at once.

    Remember simplicity is accomplished because of the unspoken, and untold truth that; how one APPROACHES, determines SIMPLICITY.  Know the GOAL! Know who’s ACCOUNTABLE! Finally, know how it’s ACCOMPLISHED. Who knows simplicity may just find you, instead of you seeking it?


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