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Vision, Goal, Objective.

by | Nov 3, 2019 | Main

I created a company to help others make decisions that move their company forward. This is the reason why I called it Decision Forward, LLC.

Vision, Goal, Objective.

Vision, Goal, Objective.

Regardless of what you call it, the desired future state that would be achieved, is determined based on your approach. In another recent article on simplicity, it was discussed as step three, that you should prioritize and do first as if it were step one!

This post is geared to help you achieve greater success when creating a Vision, Goal, or Objective. This example template can be used regardless if your business offers a product or a service. Feel free to share this with your colleagues and give it a try in your next meeting.


Example and Outline


FOR ______(Target)__________________________________

WHO _____(Need or Opportunity)____________________

THE _(Product/Service)_ IS A _(Category/Description_

THAT__(Core Benefit or Justification)________________

UNLIKE __(Main Threat or Alternative)_______________

OUR (PRODUCT/SERVICE) -> _(Core Difference)_____


Completed Example Outline


FOR (readers of this article)

WHO (want to get better organized)

THE (idea contained in this article) IS A (simple and easy to use framework)

THAT (can help keep us focused and on track consistently)

UNLIKE (other frameworks that are long, complicated, and hard to understand)

OUR (ARTICLE) -> is short, sweet, and stupid simple to be use by anyone, who can copy and paste =)




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